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S.H. Testimonial

As a newcomer to acupuncture, I was surprised at the holistic way that
Nancy has helped me over the past four years of consistent treatments.
Relaxation and stress relief were the first noticeable benefits, as well
as an overall healthy balance in the pre and post menopause challenges
that I faced as a middle-aged (yikes) woman. I also have specific
treatments for a long ago affliction – Bell’s Palsy. Nancy Knode has
expertise in this area of nerve damage, and I had heard that acupuncture
can help rejuvenate the nerves firings and diminish inflammation, but
until I tried it and actually experienced it—well, it seemed unlikely.
The facial nerve paralysis of Bell’s Palsy can come back on its own in
its entirety or just partially—mine was about 85-90% recovered. Her
treatments have helped me complete my overall recovery. I’m lucky to
have found such a caring and skilled practitioner and needless to say,
I’m a life-long client! S.H., Kingston, WA