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N.T. Testimonial

“I am grateful for how thoughtful and kind Nancy
Knode is in her practice of acupuncture. She fully explains her
treatments and answers any questions I may have. Nancy is more than
capable – she is compassionate and very caring. I have received acupuncture treatments from Nancy for 3 years. I deeply appreciate her expertise and highly

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S.H. Testimonial

As a newcomer to acupuncture, I was surprised at the holistic way that
Nancy has helped me over the past four years of consistent treatments.
Relaxation and stress relief were the first noticeable benefits, as well
as an overall healthy balance in the pre and post menopause challenges
that I faced as a middle-aged (yikes) woman.

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Antoinette’s Testimonial

Dear Nancy,
I can’t even begin to tell you how much your treatments have helped me. I came to you after having a canoe accident. I needed 2 knee surgeries, which left me with terrible peripheral neuropathy. I was on two different medications which caused drowsiness, constipation and etc… But, after seeing you twice a week for a month,

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