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After a series of treatments administered by acupuncturist, Nancy Knode, I know my health has improved significantly and in a way that makes life more enjoyable. Specifically, for more than five decades, my right knee has been a continual nuisance that limited my mobility. Nancy Knode focused on this knee problem with meaningful needle placements on both my knee and on the back of my pelvis plus heat treatments. Now I have total flexibility in this area for the first since I was very young.

Ms. Knode also focused on my neck with the needle protocol which resulted in unbelievable mobility and agility for my head and neck. Now, I am not so dependent on the rear view mirror when driving. An important safety advantage.

After eight years of fighting impending blindness through a heavy dosage of steroid medications which included tablets, eye drops, eye injections and two major eye surgeries, my sight has stabilized. However, thanks to Nancy Knode’s acupuncture treatments, I overcame a profound sense of void. I am now more aware thanks to a heightened mental acuity, e.g., applying an improved analysis to current happenings, being more aware of my surroundings, etc. This recaptured mental alertness and consciousness has produced a more profound sense of inner peace. This comes on top of an increase of physical energy which I also attribute to Nancy Knode’s treatments.

With Ms. Knode’s recommendation and support, I have augmented my acupuncture treatments with herbal medication. I also take Taoist Tai Chi classes and exercises. Nancy Knode’s work has produced a meaningful change in my life.

James A. McManaman, Jr.
Arlington, Virginia