Map & Directions

Center map


Harbor Healing Center
25931 NE Washington Blvd.
Kingston, WA 98346

Directions:  As you drive into downtown Kingston towards the ferry, get into the far left hand (Local Traffic) lane. Turn to the left just before the ferry ticket booths onto Washington Boulevard, which immediately opens into a parking lot on the right.  Continue to the end of the block/parking lot.  The Old Kingston Hotel is the tall, pale green building on the left, just before the traffic light.  On your right will be the ferry parking lot.

Parking:  The small gravel lot across from the building is reserved parking for clients of the businesses of the hotel. There is also two hour parking along the street in front, and a small lot in the back of the hotel.

You can use either the front door or the back entrance, and then go to the back of the building, and you’ll see a sign that says “Harbor Healing Center”.



Well Being Health Center
19045 State Highway 305
Poulsbo, WA 98370

Directions:  Well Being Health Center is in the Plaza 305 complex just off of Highway 305.  In the upper area of the complex you’ll see Azteca Restaurant and Kitsap Credit Union.  If you drive around to the lower level you’ll find the Dept of Motor Vehicles and several other businesses.  At the other end of the row of businesses from the DMV is the Well Being Health Center.

Parking:  There is generally plenty of parking right out in front, and there are no stairs at this location.